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March 25 2009


Google Tasks Bookmarklet

I read Lifehacker's article about using the gmail tasks gadget outside of gmail with chrome.  I made myself a bookmarklet to emulate the effect in firefox (or any other browser for that matter).  You can tweak it to your preferred window size pretty easily.  Here's the raw code. (Looks like I can't post javascript links in soup.  Bummer.)

javascript: void(window.open("https://mail.google.com/tasks/ig","_blank","height=400,width=300,location=0,menubar=0"));

February 08 2009


Google App Engine

Now that I've taken the time to really learn how to use Django, I've decided to revisit app engine.  I was glad to see it is a bit simpler to get a new project started with app engine than it is with django.  The documentation has improved from the last time I tried it out as well (or I might just understand it better).

In any case, I've started working on an app to extend the benefits of Google Docs: Download to anyone, with or without greasemonkey.  Check back for updates.
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January 25 2009


New Project

I've been doing research on what the Wiimote is capable of after learning about Johnny Chung Lee's Wiimote Desktop VR demonstration and started work on tracking line-of-site using the wiimote and the cwiid library.  Hopefully this isn't something someone else has already done, or something implemented in cwiid that I missed.  In any case, I'll be writing about my progress on the above website.

January 16 2009


Where to Go When Google Notebook Goes Down

A few months back I wrote a greasemonkey script for google notebooks allowing you to download your notebooks all in one pass using DownThemAll (similar to GDD).  It looks like that script will be more useful than I anticipated now that Google is winding down development on notebook.  Check out Lifehacker's take on the news, as well as the Google Notebook Download script.

December 18 2008


Mouthful: Custom django admin inline model forms

Disclaimer:  I'm a Django novice.

I'm putting together a Django site that has galleries of pictures.  By inlining the pictures into the gallery form I'm able to manage both types of data on the same page and easily add more pictures to that gallery.  However, I don't want to see all the fields for editing a picture, just the most important stuff.

Django, if I understand this correctly, either wants me to set the inline model's formset variable to an inlineformset_factory class or the form variable to a ModelFormHere's my admin.py (dpaste)

Turns out that didn't have any impact on what fields showed up in the inline forms.  After much googling and frustration I decided for the heck of it to provide a field tuple to the inline model class.  Here's my revised admin.py (also dpaste)

Turns out that works, and isn't part of the Django docs for InlineModelAdmin objects.  Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but this did do what I wanted it to do and was not able to find any info on it anywhere.  Hopefully this will prove useful to someone who's frustrated with the same problem.

December 17 2008


Greasemonkey: Export Google Notebooks to TSV

Here's a gm script I wrote recently for converting the html version of a google notebook into TSV.  It doesn't generate a file, but if you need to import the notebook data somewhere then this might help get the job done.  Note: It only handles simple notes, I haven't tested it for much beyond text.

December 16 2008


Christmas Every Day Greasemonkey User Script

For those of you who wish it was Christmas every day.  [Requires greasemonkey]

See IsItChristmas.com

December 08 2008


Updated version of GDD released.

I posted up a new version of Google Docs Download last night, fixing some issues with how the script interacts with the presentations interface.  Turns out it was getting confused when google used iframes in the interface and tried to load itself into each of them.  It's been a couple months since I last updated, so hopefully (assuming nothing big changes at google docs) things will continue to run smoothly.

December 03 2008


Presentation on PHP

This is the presentation I did for my programming languages course at Edinboro University.  It's just a basic introduction to PHP as a language in contrast to other languages and as a language for web development.
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